g (fistfight_king) wrote in hc_merch,


if anyone still reads this i've got some shirts for sale.

shoot me an email at kisayg@gmail.com with price offers or if you would like pictures and are interested in any info on anything below.

CONVERGE - wolf - medium/black
(top back: "alone in my world of enemies i fear nothing" + band logo)
CONVERGE - shark jaws - medium/black
(top back: "black cloud gaining ground" + band logo)
CONVERGE - guns - medium/light gray

WHERE FEAR AND WEAPONS MEET - tribal logo - small/black

MONO - round emblem w/logo - medium/gray
MONO - forest - medium/black
(top back: "mono" small letters)
MONO - upside down guitar - medium/black
(top back: "the battle to heaven" small letters)

AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - skyline logo - large/black
(fits more like a medium honestly)
AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - skeleton walking with flag - small/white
(sleeves cut off, makes a nice backpatch if anything)
AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - cassette tape with noose - medium/black (LONGSLEEVE)
AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - varsity logo - small/dark dark blue (HOODIE)
(by dark i mean its pretty much black, you can barely tell its blue. small but fits like a smaller medium.)

CAP'N JAZZ - sketchy drawing w/ logo - medium/black

XO SKELETONS - ghouls - medium/white (V-NECK)

GLASSJAW - giant g/j logo - medium/yellow on green

NEW FOUND GLORY - cliche live hardcore photo on back - medium/red (BRAND NEW)
(front: "set this whole town on fire" w/logo - back: "take you with me to watch it burn")

RUFIO - skulls/logo - small/black
(don't really even know where this shirt came from lol)

ALL THAT REMAINS - live shot on back - large/black
(...this one either)
(logo on front - back: "from these wounds..." live shot)

i also have a random QUASIMOTO shirt with a blown up pic of him smoking a doob if anyones into that shit. lol size medium/brown - stones throw records logo on back

make me offers if you want something. or i'll give you a price in an email if anything.

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