andidrewaheart (andidrewaheart) wrote in hc_merch,

Take these off my hands!

I'm in need of some cash (student loans absolutely blow) and am looking to get rid of some things. I accept concealed cash only and will send your stuff once I receive payment. If you would like a picture of anything, I'd be more than happy to take a picture for you. Let me know if you have any questions or want pictures/better descriptions!


some girls -- baby blue with rainbow/flying rabbit with guts coming out

champion -- navy straight edge "live the life that i know is right for me: drug free"
deathwish (label)-- army green with skeleton face
have heart -- navy blue with "have heart" repeat on front/crest on back
have heart -- golden yellow with "fathers folding, sisters starving..." and hands on front (looks slightly discolored under arms)
modern life is war -- black with white face/stars/wings
modern life is war -- black with neon green face/red and white writing
modern life is war -- white with man in black clothes/"the final tour" with tour dates on back
modern life is war -- army green with black scene on front

cruel hand -- black with big mr. t on front
give up the ghost -- black with angel on front/"give up the ghost" on back
modern life is war -- black skull/cornstalk
outbreak -- black with large "you're scum" on front


some girls -- pink thermal with rainbow/flying rabbit with guts coming out


afi -- black w/ black cat/"east bay a fire inside" on front (really old school but never worn)
have heart -- grey with white "have heart" lettering and maroon crest
have heart -- navy with white "have heart" on chest/blue crest in background zip-up
modern life is war -- black with red lettering and white birds
modern life is war -- black with grey crest

give up the ghost -- navy with yellow "GHST" on front zip-up
have heart -- grey with scene of a show on front
modern life is war -- black with grey skull cornstalk zip-up

Make some offers if interested!
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I need that MLIW medium cornskull zipup
Can you give me a price on the small afi sweatshirt?
Hey is the Medium give up the ghost hoodie still available?